Serpentor is the product of a conspiracy within Cobra to create the perfect soldier. A cabal of Cobra scientists led by Dr. Mindbender and Destro raided just about every tomb to contain history's greatest warriors. They scrounged every scrap of DNA they could that would serve as the genetic blueprint of this super soldier. Thanks to Mindbender's genius, Serpentor is imbued with the memories and experience of these legendary men.

Serpentor possesses acute military genius, courage, daring, charisma, political knowhow and fighting prowess that easily overshadows Cobra Commander's. His creators neglected to take into consideration that the warriors from which Serpentor's DNA come from also happen to be cunning and ruthless leaders with huge ambitions. For in Serpentor's blood, it calls forth in him the glory of conquest... the conquest of the world.

Text From the Gi-joe wikia